KinderSpeak Speech Therapy by Maura White

"We were delighted to discover Maura's KinderSpeak speech therapy services. Our child was born with a cleft lip and palate and had been doing speech therapy for several years. After a surgery to repair his soft palate, we were told that speech therapy was crucial to retrain the muscles at the back of the throat for proper speech development. Maura makes the sessions fun and gives very easy-to-implement tips and games for at-home practice. We have heard such a difference in our child's speech since starting to work with Maura, and better yet, he has noticed the difference and works very hard to articulate his speech, making great strides in his weekly efforts. Thank you, Maura, for such a valuable experience!"
~ Monica L.


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    KSI provides comprehensive speech & language services, including:

    • Screenings
    • Speech & Language Evaluations
    • Individualized Speech and Language Therapy
    • Social Skills Development
    • Pre-reading and Reading Remediation
    • Parent Meetings/Consultation
    • Meetings with Other Professionals
    • Observations in Schools
    • Development of IEP Goals
    • Teacher Training

    Services can be provided in a variety of settings to meet your needs

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    In the spirit of cultivating the individual, KinderSpeak, Inc. strives to design treatment plans that will have the most direct impact on the quality of each person's life. This involves collaboration with parents, caregivers, teachers, and other professionals. Therapeutic activities are selected based on individual interests and strengths so as to be motivating, fun, and productive. A wide-range of activities that stimulate the imagination are incorporated including music and movement, both having an emphasis on success in the classroom and beyond.

    Baltimore Speech Therapy by Maura White